Our History

The GEO Foundation, a non-profit 501(c) 3 research and educational institution, was founded under the leadership of President Kevin Teasley in June 1998. GEO's outreach has grown steadily, and our work is having a national impact.

Addressing the needs of the entire country is nearly impossible for any single organization, and the best way to assist the national movement is to create positive examples at the local level. To this end, the GEO Foundation is promoting the national cause for market-based education reforms by refining its work at the local level in Indiana and Colorado. GEO has been the subject of two front-page stories in the New York Times, and there have been numerous news accounts in the Indianapolis Star, Denver Post, and Colorado Springs Gazette.

In March 2007, Forbes magazine published a full-page feature on GEO's grassroots work and our fact-finding trips to Milwaukee that have introduced hundreds of people to school choice. In addition, GEO has been invited to work with leaders at the Heritage Foundation, and in various states including New Jersey, Virginia, New Mexico and Delaware. We have been the subject of extensive news coverage in the Indianapolis Star and Indianapolis Business Journal for our sponsorship of Fall Creek Academy (first named 21st Century Charter School at Union Station), authorized by Indianapolis Mayor Bart Peterson, and opened in August 2002.

GEO's staff has a proven ability to implement a vision, extensive experience and knowledge of education reform issues, and a large national network of supporters. With more than thirty years of combined experience working directly with grassroots organizations, advocacy organizations for parental empowerment policies in K-12 education, legislatures and the media, GEO has demonstrated success in the public policy arena.