GARY — U.S. Department of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos put Gary on the map in a big way Friday when she visited local charter schools, complimenting the students' education and the ability of parents to make a choice in their children's education.

DeVos visited Gary Middle College and 21st Century Charter School as part of her 2017 Rethink School Tour. DeVos concluded her tour in Missouri and Indiana Friday. Throughout the week, DeVos has highlighted the unique ways in which educators across the country are meeting the needs of individual students. 

The two charter schools are operated by Indianapolis-based GEO Foundation. The foundation's CEO/founder Kevin Teasley, along with dignitaries, politicians and educators from across Northwest Indiana and the state, were on hand to greet DeVos and listen in on a panel discussion where several 21st Century Charter school students talked about the number of credits they have earned on the road to a associate and bachelor's degree. 

Education policy experts gathered in Washington DC to discuss high schools and school choice at the Fordham Institute and American Federation for Children event on August 22nd. The panelists included GEO Foundation President Kevin Teasley.

GEO Prep Mid City Now Open in Baton Rouge!

on Thursday, 20 July 2017 20:32

I'm not sure I could have ever imagined this development when the Louisiana Department of Education called GEO back in 2013 and invited us to start a charter school, but after two great years of service through our first school in Baton Rouge, we cut the ribbon on our second school. Wow!

The GEO Model Goes National

on Thursday, 15 June 2017 03:48

GEO was pleased to be invited by the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools to present our model at their national charter school conference this month. The national media spotlight on our students earning college degrees before graduating from high school has caught fire among those wanting to do more for their students and looking for innovative, cost effective ways to do it.

We live in an uncertain world, but there are at least some universal truths — like the fact that, in order to go to college, you have to graduate high school. Or so we thought. 18-year-old Raven Osborne blew that notion to pieces when she earned her college degree two weeks before graduating high school (which she’ll do as a straight-A student and class valedictorian).

And here’s the kicker: It was all free, thanks to a program offered through her high school, 21st Century Charter School in Gary, Indiana. 21st Century is a free public school, and one of six charter schools around the country run by the GEO Foundation, which aims to provide students in impoverished neighborhoods with access to quality education. GEO not only funds its students’ college classes, but also pays for the books and transportation.

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