The GEO Model Goes National

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GEO was pleased to be invited by the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools to present our model at their national charter school conference this month. The national media spotlight on our students earning college degrees before graduating from high school has caught fire among those wanting to do more for their students and looking for innovative, cost effective ways to do it.

While in DC, we were invited to meet Rep. Jackie Walorski, met US Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and shared our model with Jeanne Allen, a longtime friend and president of the Center for Education Reform.

GEO's model addresses several challenges in K16 education today and does so without calling for more money. We offer a highly personalized education to every student, assist students in earning real college experience, credits and degrees while in our high schools, address the high quality teacher shortage by engaging local colleges, and successfully address the low college completion rate among poor and minority populations.

We were honored to share our model in hopes that others might be encouraged to think creatively about addressing their community challenges.

Raven Osborne, Kevin Teasley and Secretary of Education
Betsy DeVos

Raven and Jeanne Allen from Center for Education

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