Gary Middle College

The Gary Middle College, opened in Fall 2012, is a unique school aiming to serve the needs of non-traditional adult students at or above age 16, who wish to complete their high school diploma. Gary Middle College operates Monday through Friday from 8:00AM--8:00PM.

Gary Middle College is not an "alternative school" or "dropout program". The school serves adult students who want to complete their Core-40 High School diploma.  Students also are able to take advantage of the Middle College program, through which Gary Middle College pays for students to take up to 60 college credits at Ivy Tech Community College as part of their academic program.

Why Attend Gary Middle College?

  • We offer flexible scheduling that allows more non-traditional adult students to attend our school. Gary Middle College operates from 8:00AM--8:00PM Monday through Friday.  

  • Child Care is available for students who may need it, but students are responsible for dropping their child off at the off-site child care location, and picking their child up as well. 

  • Our instructional model is the “blended learning” approach. We combine online learning with “face-to-face” teaching by Indiana certified teachers. Our curriculum is rigorous and is aligned with the National Core Curriculum Content Standards.

  • Our individualized instruction proceeds at the student’s pace, offering: 24/7 access to learning, one-on-one and small group instruction from teachers, and the ability for students to accelerate the time over which they earn high school credit.

  • Our students graduate with an Indiana Core 40 high school diploma and up to 60 college credits. We partner with Ivy Tech Community College and, beginning in their second year, students may take some college courses at the Ivy Tech campus.

  • GMC pays the tuition for college courses and the courses are “dual-credit” (meaning they count towards the student’s high school diploma as well as for college credit). While taking the Ivy Tech classes they continue to be our student and they continue to receive our help and support, so that they will be as successful in their Ivy Tech courses as they are at GMC.