GEO Prep Mid-City - of Greater Baton Rouge

At GEO Prep Mid-CIty - of Greater Baton Rouge, all roads lead to college – and beyond.

GEO Prep Mid-CIty - of Greater Baton Rouge is a free public charter school. Our curriculum and our teaching methods are designed to let your child excel as fast as their ability allows. This kind of competency-based approach lets kids of higher ability progress past students their same age. It also permits students to regroup, master material not mastered at a more restrictive school, then, with new-found confidence, race toward their academic potential.

Traditional public schools, parochial schools and other tuition-based private schools serve many children very well, but GEO Prep Mid-CIty - of Greater Baton Rouge is here to provide a choice.

We offer a new way to excel.

Mission Statement

The GGEO Prep Mid-CIty - of Greater Baton Rouge will make no excuses for its student population and will dedicate itself to ensure that all students show growth in character, academics, life skills, the arts, and wellness using teaching skills tailored to meet the needs of each student.

Vision Statement

Students advance academically and socially using highly successful, proven teaching methods and technology in an updated one room schoolhouse philosophy where the learning is tailored for each individual student. Each student is a young adult in training and learns in a child-centered environment inspired and created through cooperation of teachers, staff, and parents. Students develop exceptional character, leadership, and skills for life.

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